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I was born and raised in the Philippines and have lived and worked in Manila for 10 years. I have lived and worked in various parts of the country, from the capital Manila to southern Mindanao and even Baguio City. So, as I'm a bit of a Manila fan, I decided to write a complete guide to the Philippines, which contains everything you need to know if you want to travel to this beautiful country. Here are some things you should know before visiting the capitals of the Philippines for the first time. The Philippines is like a home for me, with its beautiful scenery, beautiful people, great food and amazing culture.

To be honest, coming back to Manila, living as a Filipino and being in Manila for any destination always feels like a treat.

In addition to CBDs, they also offer an excellent selection of quality accommodation and there are several apartments in the city.

As a solo traveller, you have a handful of options when it comes to hostels, but the most popular are in the cities of Makati and Manila.

In these areas you can spend an afternoon in Fort Santiago, follow the route of the famous road from Manila to Manila and back, explore Casa Manila or visit one of Manila's most popular tourist attractions, such as Makati City Hall. If you want to go shopping, you will find a good general bookstore in Manila with a wide selection of books, magazines and other books for your travel needs. The best of these is PowerBooks (, which has seven stores in the city, including one in Pasay City and two in Quezon City, as well as one in Pangasinan.

Local airlines, including Cebu Pacific, fly from Tagbilaran Airport to Manila, and you can take a flight to Pangasinan from the same airport or vice versa. If you have your hotel in Quezon City or even in Pasay City or other parts of the city, it can be difficult to get to these places, but if you want to go diving, you can take the MRI or the light rail. Make sure to book Philippines travel packages or check in with live Philippines boats, especially if there is no hotel near you, such as Makati City Hall or Manila.

If you are travelling to less developed parts of the Philippines, I would say that travel insurance is a must, but in Manila maybe not so much. If you have too much of it, buses, flights and ferries connect Manila to all corners of the Philippines. For recommendations, check out our best accommodations in Philippines travel guide and best accommodations in Philippine Manila travel guide. In this post, you can read about what you can do on a day out of Manila to learn other things you can do in and around Manila, such as the Quiapo Church, which we highly recommend, and where to stay in the Philippines and other places in Asia.

Finally, we really hope our guide to the Philippines has helped you have a great time in your home country, and we look forward to sharing even more with you when you return to the Philippines in the future. In this post we pack our adventures into SE Asia Travel for Kids and more, you can read more about what we have described in our In-Travel Blog about the Philippines. All in all, I have had a lot of time travelling with my children in the Philippines and have great times both in and out of the country.

There are some incredibly exciting places in the Philippines, but travellers should be aware of the safety concerns. If you are looking for a Manila hotel near the airport, Pasay City is the best city to start your sightseeing. Manila's heat is unbearable, but its inhabitants and tourists can escape the heat in Tagaytay, which is located at an altitude overlooking the Taal Lake and volcano. Here are a few excursions you can do in and out of the city, and some tips on how to stay in or around Manila for less days.

Getting there: Davao is 1.5 hours from Manila and there are at least six daily flights to the city. Many foreign visitors come to the Philippines via Manila and take a bus to the north, spend the night there and fly to Cebu, Palawan or Boracay the next day.

If you stay with a friend or visit Manila, you will find that Filipinos have huge families. Manila often serves as a stopover - for families traveling to different parts of the Philippines, which makes perfect sense.

Those who have had the pleasure of traveling to the Philippines can testify to this - Manila is the friendliest place in the world where locals like to show their pride in the Philippines to their guests.

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